DIY Tricks To Baby Proofing Cupboards And Drawers

DIY Tricks

Here are some tricks you can try to baby proof your home cabinets and drawers using day-to-day materials if you like to Do-It-Yourself.

Baby proof your cupboards with an rubber band

If your cupboards have knobs rather than handles then you might be able to keep your little one out with nothing more than a rubber band.

When the doors are closed, just find a rubber band that will stretch over 2 cupboard doors and are tight enough that it will not fly off. Make sure you choose thick rubber bands as the slimer ones may snap easily.

Move all unsafe products

Not all items inside cupboards are dangerous to your kids. However, by simply relocating all the dangerous products to a single drawer and secure it will make sure your kids cannot reach them easily. Dangerous items may include bathroom and kitchen cleaning products such as Caustic soda, Dettel, bleach and disinfectants etc.

Then you will have to be careful not to miss things that can be risky to your kids. E.g., loose cupboard doors that can pinch your little ones’ fingers or sharp corners on benches.

Extra pointers to child proof your cabinets

Here are 3 pointers to help you keep your kids safe around cabinets.

1. Do not allow your child watch you unlocking cabinet locks.
Kids learn by mimicking, and surprisingly quickly too. He will ultimately be able to unlock the locks on his own if your little one watches you doing so often enough.

When you go to unlock a child proofing lock, try to position your body between on yours and your child’s if he is near by. This will obstruct your child’s views and aid maintain your cabinets childproof a little longer.

2. No child proofing cabinet lock is fool proof.
Guests that have never ever had kids may forget to put the locks back on or it may just skip your mind. In a split second, your youngster will be subjected to all the risks you worked so hard to protect them from.

As a back up plan, it is advisable that you move all hazardous things such as cleaning products or ceramic plates to cabinet rooms which will be difficult to get to. Additionally you could hide dangerous products in Tupperware containers.

3. Cabinet locks are not a replacement for supervision.
Just because you have child proofing locks does not mean you can just stop watching your child. So be mindful that you will always need to be alert and look out for items that may post risks to your kids.

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